Commercial Concrete Structure

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Commercial Concrete Structure

We offer a full service in concrete construction from small steel reinforcement, formwork & concreting.

B Jacob Construction Inc. is a found it by Bogdan Iacob with a 15+ years of professional formwork experience. We offer a full service in reinforced concrete construction for Grade beams, bases, foundations, walls, staircases & basements. Contact us for a free quote.

Thanks to our professionalism and workmanship, we are gaining repeat custom and recommendations, helping our company grow at our fast rate. In fact, with our ever increasing turnover, we are  really fastes growing reinforced concrete contractors in Calgary .We believe in attention to detail, quality standard of workmanship and a high end product. 

Commercial concrete structure services encompass a range of construction and maintenance activities focused on designing, building, and maintaining concrete structures for commercial purposes. These services are essential for creating durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing structures that meet the unique needs of businesses and commercial establishments. Here’s an overview of what commercial concrete structure services entail:

Design and Engineering


Specialized Applications

Repair and Restoration

Maintenance and Protection

Safety and Compliance

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