Commercial Concrete Structure

Commercial Concrete Structure

We offer a full service in concrete construction from small steel reinforcement ,formwork & concreting.

B Jacob Construction Inc. is a found it by Bogdan Iacob with a 15+ years of professional formwork experience. We offer a full service in reinforced concrete construction for Grade beams, bases, foundations, walls, staircases & basements. Contact us for a free quote.

Thanks to our professionalism and workmanship, we are gaining repeat custom and recommendations, helping our company grow at our fast rate. In fact, with our ever increasing turnover, we are  really fastes growing reinforced concrete contractors in Calgary .We believe in attention to detail, quality standard of workmanship and a high end product. 

Commercial Concrete Structure | B Jacob Construction Concrete Services

Advantages Of Concrete Structure

The concrete structure is a highly rigid frame, which reduces vibration and bounces when compared with steel structure. It is fire resistant, properties minimize fire risk for the lowest possible cost, and low maintenance.

Recommended Application

It is a better option for laboratory and environments with sensitive equipment, but great for all building constructions. Great for multi family buildings, Factories, warehouse, Office building constructions etc.

Customer Review

Very professional. We are 100% satisfied. Minimal dust and finished product is excellent. Highly recommend this company.

- Kelly Temple -